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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Forever 21 Confetti Nail Color Pink/White and Mint/White

Yesss! I'm finally able to catch up on reviews and swatches and it feels awesome! Although I already know I'm going to be super busy again next week.

Don't you just love how creative Forever 21 is with their nail lacquer names? I do love how inexpensive they are though but I think they increased the price with a dollar more. I believe they used to be $2.80 a pop and now they are $3.80 with a new and bulkier packaging. I find that large squared cap not ergonomically friendly.

In Mint/White, the mint glitters appear to be all the same size, whereas the white glitters come in small and larger size. The base is clear, not too thick or thin and pick up a fair amount of glitters though you would need to dab them around to spread them evenly. I did one coat on the swatch below.

In Pink/White both colors come in small and larger glitters. I love how the fuchsia pink brings a bright pop of color over a dark base. The base is clear, not too thick or too think and picks up a fair amount of glitters. Also you will need to use the dabbing technique to spread the glitters evenly. On the swatch below, I used two coats of glitters.


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