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Sunday, May 25, 2014

NYX Butter Lipsticks, Pops, Hot Tamales, and Licorice - Swatch and Review

Hello lovelies,

I'm getting ready to head out to do some shopping, yay! lol. Before I do so, I'll leave you with this overdue review.

  • I'm a bit surprised they came out with similar packaging to the matte lipsticks. Considering they have a different formula, I would have liked it better if the packaging was different. Nonetheless, I suppose it's what's inside that counts. 
  • .16 oz or 4.5 g

  • Pops is a medium/light mauve rose. So simple and easy to wear for a daytime look. 

  • Hot Tamales is vibrant orange red. Wow look at that! So bold. Perfect for an avant-garde makeup look. I love it. It also feel creamier than the other two shades and stains.

  • Licorice is a dark plum/wine color. I was hoping it'd be a bit darker and similar to how it looks in the tube but it's redder and a bit lighter than I anticipated. Wear it with a light eye makeup for a classy look or a smoky eye look for a rocker chic/emo look. This shade stains also. 

  • The lipsticks are nicely pigmented. Particularly the darker shades. 
  • They feel smooth and creamy yet not slick or slippery. 
  • They are creamy enough to apply without pulling or dragging but they offer no moisturizing at all. You definitely do need a good lip balm with these. 
  • I get about 4-5 hours of wear with pops and 5-6 hours of wear with Hot Tamales and Licorice.
  • They are unscented

Final Thought

I would have been happier if these felt more hydrating but on the flip side they are creamy and nicely pigmented, don't smell or taste funny, and last fairly long. I'm quite pleased with the colors I picked but I wished they had a bit more variety of colors that aren't so similar to what we normally see. 

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: $6.00
Availability: Ulta, NYX 


  1. I have to admit I'm a little jealous--any lipstick color looks good on you! You're so lucky!! I like the look of these, especially the last two. I'm glad to hear they're unscented--scented lip products are always really iffy for me. I usually pass on them just because I don't like the fragrance.

    1. IDk, it's probably the black hair and fair skin. Yea, I'm glad they are unscented. Some fragrance I just can't stand and would avoid.

  2. Wow the colors are so pigmented and beautiful! They all look really good on you. I wish they would be a little more moisturizing though.

    1. They have great pigmentation. I definitely recommend a good lip balm paired with these.

  3. Sooo beautiful! I've been wanting to get pops but its sold out online from the store I want to buy from! I've heard great things and they sound like a very decent and moisturizing formula which I NEED! ^^

    1. they go on creamy but I don't really feel that they are moisturizing. It's ok cause you can always combine them with a good lip balm. I hope you find it in stock soon. Pops is such a lovely nude color.

  4. I love Nyx butter lipsticks. They are superb and very affordable. Nice swatches and photos :-)


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