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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay On Shadow Paint Swatch and Review - Neon Fuchsia and Steel

Yes, tomorrow's Friday! Another long weekend is great, even if I don't really have anything in particular planned. I will most likely go watch Godzilla since I missed out on it last weekend.

  • Glass jar packaging with a black cap
  • .17 oz or 5 g

  • Neon Fuchsia is a bright magenta purple with pink and blue shimmers. 
  • Steel is a gorgeous grey shimmer with a mix of iridescent gold, pink, and green shimmers. It is so beautiful. I have nothing like it in my stash. Not as pigmented as I would like but can be layered over another color. 
  • The shadows feel very creamy to the touch but applied patchy so you will need to build up another layer to even out the application. Now the issue that I had was that as the product dried, it started to feel and look like cracking paint, making my crease fold look uneven and wrinkly. 
  • Once dried the shadow doesn't budge, crease, or fade for up to 10 hours. 

Final Thought

The formula is nice and creamy but it's patchy and uneven on the first layer but looks heavy and wrinkly on the second layer. I'm rather disappointed because both of these colors are so pretty. In spite of it, I'm definitely keeping Steel. It's too pretty and I can make this one work with just one layer over another shadow. I am however going to return Neon Fuchsia, I'm not as willing to try to make this one work.

Rating: 7/10

Price: $24.00

Availability: Nordstrom, Macy's, CCO

What will you be doing on Memorial Day weekend? I might have to check out for deals and perhaps exchange Neon Fuchsia for something else that will work for me.


  1. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that they get patchy and the texture isn't good with more layers! I hate that quality with cream shadows, some look fine sheer and then with another layer they get flaky and patchy! I'd love to try some cream shadows from shiseido, they have beautiful shades!

    1. Considering that it was Estee Lauder brand, I had higher expectation and I'm just disappointed that they would sell this. Totally does not feel high quality.

  2. Wish that it worked and kept up the brand name.
    Happy weekend :)

    1. I agree. They normally put out good products out there.


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