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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Josie Maran BearNaked Nail Wipes Review

I received these nail wipes around Christmas I believe and for the first time I decided to give it a go. The products claims to remove nail polish and condition cuticles with one wipe for all ten nails. Sounds impressive right? Also you may like to know that a portion of the sale is donated to Polar Bear SOS initiative, thus why the cute bear picture on the packaging.

  • Round plastic container with 20 wipes. Each wipes are about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Shockingly small and thin, in my opinion.

  • The wipes are acetone free, contains organic Argan oil, and apparently supposed to smell like grape but my nose didn't really smell the grape. I did detect a subtle somewhat citrusy scent. 
  • At first when I picked up the wipe, it felt kinda dry. I thought well maybe I waited too long to use them and they dried out. They were sealed with a tight plastic wrap around the opening. My nails had a layer of base coat, a couple layers of nail polish, and another layer of top coat. I decided to go at it in spite of feeling skeptical at that point. Once I started rubbing the wipe, I noticed that it still had some oil in it but nothing was happening. I rubbed more vigorously and managed to remove nail polishes from 2 nails. The process probably took like about 5 minutes if not more for just two nails and at that point I pretty much gave up. 
  • Aside from the strenuous removal process, the oil was comforting and hydrating. 

Final Thought

Performance-wise this product is a joke for nail polish removal. It works but it just takes too long and a lot of rubbing. I honestly don't think you can use one single wipe for all 10 nails. It's just too tiny! On the bright side, if you just want to use it for the oil and for conditioning your nails and cuticles, and for the fact that purchasing these wipes also goes toward a good cause, then it might just be worth it. Just don't expect it to remove your nail colors effectively.

Rating: 5/10

Price: $9.00
Availability: Sephora


  1. They should've just called it nail wipe conditioner or something like that. At least it did that part just fine.


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