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Friday, October 25, 2013

Yves Rocher Metalglow Cream Eyeshadows - Review and Swatches

I'm so excited to finally be able to deliver my review and show you swatches of these lovely cream eyeshadows I purchased from Yves Rocher. Initially, I started off with just the shade Bronze because I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into and since I was pretty happy about it, I bought the rest of the Metalglow Cream Eyeshadows. 

  • They come in a clear plastic tube with a doe foot applicator wand
  • .17 oz or 5 ml


Cuivre, Chrome, Or, Mercure, Cuivre Rose, Bronze

Cuivre (Copper) - I think the name is spot on. This definitely looks like copper.

Chrome  - shimmery metallic silver

Or (Gold) - shimmery medium gold

Mercure (Mercury) - shimmery medium pinkish brown. 

Cuivre Rose (Pink Copper) - shimmery rose gold

  • Chrome and Or are probably the worst shades from the bunch. They apply more sheer and patchy even when layered. They just don't feel creamy like the other shades. I won't recommend these two so skip them if you can help it.
  • The rest applied very smooth, buttery, and go on evenly. Have a good pigmentation and can be applied lightly or layered for a more intense color.
  • They don't dry too quickly. I think 30 seconds or so, which gives you enough time to apply and blend. 
  • I dab a bit on the eyelid with the applicator and then I use a finger to gently pat the color and then lightly blend toward the crease. 
  • They wear on average up to 8 hours with minimal fading and no creasing without a primer. With a primer, the wear extends for a couple hours more. 

Final Thought

Aside from Chrome and Or, the rest of the Metalglow are a hit for me. They feel creamy and apply so easily. I love how they last through most of the day without creasing. The shades are lovely and office-friendly. Definitely grab a few of these when they go on sale. 

Rating: 9/10

Price: $17 (often goes on sale)
Availability: Yves Rocher 


  1. I love these colors! Can you put regular eyeshadow on top to intenseify them? Or just to blend a bit into them?

    1. Yes you can use them aa eyeshadow base aa well

  2. Mercure and Cuivre Rose are absolutely stunning! I really want one now! XD

    1. They are nice and have good pigmentation too

  3. I love the two neutrals, they just would be amazing on their own or as a base! Bronze too but I think you didn't wear it on the eyes!

    1. I reviewed and swatched bronze on another post that's why I didn't have the swatch on the eye on this post

  4. Wow! Mercure and Copper are my favorites. I think they would look good applied together.


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