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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jordana 12 Hr Made To Last Eyeshadow Pencils - Swatch and Review

So glad this review with conclude the new Jordana makeup I purchased about a month ago. If you've missed the previous posts, I have reviewed the Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains and the 12 Hr Made To Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencils.

Now, let's jump into this review...

  • Jumbo eyeshadow pencil. I like simple and colorful packaging. Love the fact that it has a colored end, which makes it easy to find the shade that you want. 
  • .10 oz or 2.8 g

Endless Emerald is a deep shimmery emerald shade

Continuous Almond is a matte peachy nude. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Could this be a dupe for the limited edition Milani Shadow Eyez Almond Cream? I will do a separate post comparing the two.

Pink Evermore is a shimmery and frosty pale pink. This one had fine silver glitter in it.

  • These Jordana eyeshadow pencils are available in 8 colors but I was only interested in those three.
  • I was pleasantly surprised at how creamy and pigmented these eyeshadow pencils were. They go smooth and glide easily on the lid. They set fairly quickly but still give you a few seconds to blend them out before they set. 
  • I haven't got the chance to try out Endless Emerald as an eyeshadow because it was just too dramatic for an office look but I did wear it out as a liner and it wore well for the 12 hours. It only sustained minimal fading. 
  • I tested the Continous Almond as a base and I think that would be how most people would use it. It did a good job evening out the skin color on my lid and did a good job as a base when I applied a powder eyeshadow over it. I did notice some minor creasing after 6 hours of wear thought and by 12 hour there was some fading with the eyeshadow as well. So as far as longevity, this is pretty average for me and didn't stick to the claim. 
  • I tested Pink Evermore as an eyeshadow and this is the one that really stuck up to the 12 Hr mark without creasing or fading. The silver glitters mostly stay put and I didn't have any stray glitters unless I happen to unconsciously touch my eye and rub them somewhere else on my face. I was afraid that the glitters might be too much but it was actually pretty wearable I think. I wore it to work paired with a soft nude brown on the crease and it looked great. 

Final Thought

I tested these products without the use of any other eyeshadow primer and so on their own I think they did fairly well overall even if they didn't completely live up to their 12 hr claim. I have moderately oily lids by the way. The consistency and longevity vary between the shades but they apply smoothly and give you enough time to blend out before setting. I think as liners, they performed actually better than their new liquid eyeliner pencils.

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: $3.99
Availability: Walgreens


  1. Glad you like them. I got Endless Emerald recently but haven't had a chance to use it yet

    1. I don't use it much either. It's a bit too colorful for work and I've been lazy on weekend to bother with makeup

  2. The emerald shade is gorgeous on you. When I went to try these most colors were sold out, but I got the pink shade and need to try it out. I also need to review you review of the lip tints and decide which ones to get.

    1. I didn't think I was gonna like the pink but ended up loving it. The balm stains are great. Hope you get to try them.

  3. wow the emerald is so vibrant! I might try it out too

    1. Definitely try it. Especially if you like the color.

  4. Replies
    1. I think I need to do a makeup look with it

  5. in love with the green color!

    1. I wished they have more color selection cause the price is so nice

  6. The green! I love it! Would use it as base for green looks! I love how you can get affordable cream shadow sticks so easily!

    1. Im so glad to see drugstore coming out with these affordable and trendy makeup since I can't always shop at sephora

  7. How lovely! And what a great price, too. I will need to look for the emerald, if I can find it. Looks great for wild weekend makeup or special occasion liner.


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