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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Prestige Total Intensity Against All Odds Liquid Ink Eyeliner All Nighter - Swatch and Review

Happy Halloween!

Doing anything frightening exciting? I didn't even do any fun makeup or dress up. For me Halloween has just been like any other day. It's gloomy and rainy outside. I kinda like that actually. Anyways, here's a review and swatch for a new liner that I recently had the pleasure to use.

  • This liner comes in a black tube with a cap color matching the color of the liner. 
  • It has a short and pointy felt tip liner. Not a huge fan of the applicator but it's not a deal breaker either. It's just a little short and stiff for my personal liking. 
  • .095 or 2.8 ml

  • All Nighter is a deep blue ink color with a matte finish. The color is very nice. It's dark yet has some color to it. It's a great alternative to a black liner.
  • This liner is nicely pigmented and dries fairly quick. It does not smudge or budge and wears all day until you take it off. It's also waterproof. The staying power is just fantastic. 

Final Thought

This liner is nearly perfect. The formula is excellent, pigmented, and long-lasting. The only thing that could use some improvement is a longer and more flexible applicator tip.

Rating: 9.5/10

Price: $13.99
Availability: UIta

I think I've seen this sold at Bed Bath and Beyond for a lot less but don't quote me on that. I have 3 of these Prestige liners and so far, I'm pretty happy.


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