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Sunday, March 16, 2014

K-Mart Store Closing Sale Haul and A Few New NYX Products From Ulta

My local K-Mart is closing down and pretty much everything is marked down from 20-40% off. The other day I only managed to look at the beauty isle cause I didn't much time on my hands but now I feel the need to go back and check other things I could use before all the good stuff are gone.

For the makeup and beauty. Most products were 40% off so I couldn't help but snag a few things.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks. I got the shades Fuchsia Orchestra (bright fuchsia) and Purple Prelude (light mauve purple).

Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss in the shade Plum Luster. It's a pretty reddish/berry plum with fine fine pink shimmers.

I found this Maybelline Master Duo Glossy liquid liner and thought the shade looked interesting so I scooped it up as well.

Milani Nail Lacquer in Sugar Coated. They had another one like this but in pink. I wonder if I should get the pink one too. 

L'Oreal nail polish in the shade Liya's Nude. Probably have a couple colors similar to this already. IDK why I got it. I guess the bottle looked pretty, heheh.

Elegance Is Innate, All Shine On Me, Meant To Be

These L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque are fairly new on the market and they normally retail for $8.00 so being able to get them for almost half price, got me excited. These were the only colors that were left when I got to it.

Yesterday, I was at Chuckee Cheese celebrating my niece and nephew's birthday. Because Ulta was just a few block down, I decided to stop by on my way home. I picked up one NYX butter gloss in the shade Raspberry Tart, 3 new NYX lip butter lipsticks (Hot Tamales, Pops, Licorice), and found OPI Kermit Me to Speak from their new Muppet Most Wanted collection.

I'm excited with these new products and will be busy putting them to the test for reviews.

Found any good deals lately?


  1. Aw, I wish my Kmart was closing LOL! You got some really awesome pretties! I always check out the L'Oreal Gel polishes but I'm scared to spend the money and possibly not like them...

    1. I know huh. The gel polishes look so fancy! I need to start wearing them and testing them so I can give you an accurate review.

  2. oOo....Those liquid lipsticks look interesting and I totally would love to try some of those new butter lipsticks! I only just recently got my hands on some of the butter lip glosses and absolutely love their textures!

    1. I couldn't wait to try the butter lipsticks but it seems to take forever to get to the store and the display is always messed up cause people be opening them and swatching them.

  3. You got some great deals at Kmart! I'm really curious about those new NYX lippies..I've always had really mixed luck with NYX, so I prefer to read reviews of their stuff before I buy.

    1. I like most of NYX products but yeah there are the occasional ones that are misses for me too. I will do the review hopefully sooner than later.


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