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Sunday, March 23, 2014

OPI Muppet Most Wanted - Kermit Me To Speak and Let's Do Anything We Want!

The collection has been out for a couple weeks now I think but so far these are the only two polishes from the collection that I was interested in. You can find them at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply, though I believe the quantity at Sally is very limited.

Kermit Me To Speak is a shimmery violet bronze duochrome. You could probably get a way with just 2 coats but I prefer to use 3 for good measure. The formula is not too thick or to thin and dries fairly quickly. It does show a bit of brush stroke but if you apply carefully and apply a top coat over it, it's not that noticeable. I find the color shift fairly strong. Very beautiful color. 

Kermit Me To Speak Vs Next Stop...The Bikini Zone

On the left two finger nails I have Kermit Me to Speak and on the right two fingers I have Next Stop...The Bikini Zone. They are very similar in a way yet not quite the same either. 
NSTBZ has pale gold shimmers, which seem to add more pizzazz to the overall look. It is also a bit more sheer. The duochrome shift is not as strong as KMTS and less bronzy and cooler. 

Let's Do Anything We Want has squared white glitters and small pink rose glitters and small round white glitters. Very fun glitter I think. The clear base is slightly on the thick though still pretty easy to use and picks up a fair amount of glitters. I did have some difficulty getting the squared white glitters and had to fish for them but other than that, I really like it.

Here I have Let's Do Anything We Want over Kermit Me To Speak and I find that the two actually make a lovely combo. I am currently wearing this combo on my nails for the week. It's super cute and girly.


  1. I love how the layering looks on you! so pretty =)

    1. Thanks. I really enjoy looking at it on my nails. It's been a while since I wore nail polish.


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