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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Haul and Swatches - ELF and Milani

It's kinda nice to have some time for myself since I'm not posting every day anymore but at the same time I feel like the more I'm absent from my blog the more I want to slack, hehe. I still make sure I have something up at least 2 or 3 times a week to keep myself motivated.

So for the month of February, I was pretty much on track when it comes to spending and my budget. I was really amazed at myself and even more picky about stuff I decide to purchase. Let's hope March goes well too.

The other day I was browsing around at TJ Maxx and spotted this set of ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow stick. I was debating to get it or not because ELF products are often a hit or miss but I couldn't resist the packaging. They just looked fabulous and the colors were neutral and appealing too. Darn I threw away the packaging but I know it was only around $4.29 for the set so I figure if they're a flop I wouldn't feel too bad.

Swatched from left to right: Little Miss Thing, Turkish Coffee, and Rock Out.
The shades are available individually on ELF's website for $2.00 each. I will do a review on them once I used them a few times.

Milani was on sale last week at CVS for BOGO 50% off and when I spotted this new baked blush, I couldn't help myself but throw it in my basket. This is the shade Bella Rosa. Pigmentation is so intense. You will need to use with caution.

The next item I picked up was the Milani Color Statement lip liner in the shade Fuchsia. My first impression was WOW!! Feels so creamy and super pigmented. Love that color. Looks like the perfect match for Up Town Mauve.

Because I haven't done much shopping lately, there really isn't much new stuff to show and tell. Though I still have a line up of product needing reviews so I'm not completely empty handed either.

Have you tried any of these? If yes, what did you think of them?


  1. Those ELF shadow pencils are really pretty colors! I hope they get a good review :)

    1. The colors are nice and neutral, which is perfect for every day wear

  2. That shade Turkish coffee and that blush from milani! Omg, they are sooo lovely! I'm such a sucker for rosy shades, it's not even funny! I would buy it even if I already have 15 rosy shade blushes!

    1. This blush is definitely worth to pick up :)

  3. That blush looks wonderful! I'm really into bright blush for spring.

    1. I didn't need anymore blushes but I couldn't resist when I spotted it on a BOGO sale.


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