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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Finger Paints Shredded Chrome Collection Swatches

It feels like I haven't done nail swatches in like a long time. I have been rough with my nails and breaking or chipping them so waiting for them to grow seem to take forever. My nails are still short but starting to look more decent for swatches now.

About a week ago, I spotted this collection at Sally Beauty Supply. There are 5 shades but I only picked 3 out of them.

They are textured glitters and very sparkly. I found the formula to be pretty consistent in all of them.
The formula is thick and somewhat goopy, which made it pretty hard for me to spread out the glitters evenly. I would strongly suggest using some thinner to thin it out.

All the swatches below are done with two thin coats and it is pretty opaque on the second coat. The texture is very rough and that may also be in part because the formula is so thick.

Metallic Moondust is a gold and green textured glitters. 

With a clear top coat

Stargazing Lilac is a gold and purple textured glitter

with a clear top coat

Stardust blush is a gold and red textured glitters

with a clear top coat


  1. Pretty!!! I love all of them ^^

    1. Thanks! I wish they weren't so thick but they sure are fun to wear


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