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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wet n Wild Fergie Longwear Eye Pencil Ex-Stacey - Swatch and Review

Hello lovelies,

I have a few reviews I really need to work but these past few days I've been dragging my feet and feeling lazy. On the bright side, I've been getting more sleep lately. I'm starting to get into the habit of going to bed early. I'm even shocked that I'm able to get in bed by 10 pm or sometimes earlier though I still have to wake up a once or twice in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. At least, falling back asleep doesn't seem as difficult anymore. Part of this may also be due to daylight saving and because I've had to wake up earlier than my normal time because I've been sending my son to school before heading to work. In the end it worked out for the better. I'm not as sleepy or tired at work and I've been getting there early. My attendance definitely improved in the past few months.

Anyhow...let's move on this review.

  • Traditional pencil that requires sharpening. Even though the packaging isn't fancy, it's definitely a huge improvement from their old eyeliner pencils. I like that the bottom and cap is color coded. 
  • .04 oz or 1.2 g


  • Ex-Stacey is a medium shimmery fuchsia. It looks beautiful on the hand swatch but on the eyes, it looks more dull for some reason.  
  • What I like about the formula is that it is fairly creamy and soft, doesn't pull or tug. The pigmentation is good though you may need a second pass for more color pay off. 
  • As far as lasting power, I think overall I'm pretty content. I get 6 hours of wear without transferring or smearing. Afterward it starts to fade. 

Final Thought

This new pencil liner from Wet N Wild is no doubt a big improvement from their older eyeliner line, which was practically unusable for me. The formula is soft, creamy, decently pigmented, and last about 6 hours without transferring and smearing. I wish the color looked a bit more vibrant on the eyes otherwise, it's a pretty decent and affordable drugstore eyeliner.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $3-$4
Availability: Walgreens


  1. Oh this colour seems fun! I don't like how it needs sharpening, but if I don't find anything better I might pick this up.

    1. I don't really mind the sharpening as long as I like the color and formula

  2. Thanks for doing a review. I've almost picked these up a couple of times but disliked the old formula so much!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

    1. You're welcome. The old formula was pretty aweful. You could hurt yourself with it. The new formula is so much better.

  3. Hmmm, that's odd the way the color dulls on the eyes. But for this price it seems pretty good!

    1. I think because when swatched on the arm it's a flat surface and may catch more light and probably why it looked brighter. The eye is a little more curved and the skin around the eyes is also not as tight as the arm.

  4. pretty!

  5. How do you sharpen it?? Feeling stupid...

    1. I use a pencil sharpener. I like the one I got from Sephora.


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