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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Radiant Orchid Nail Polishes & Swatches

I am actually quite shocked that there are still a few of these I have not swatched on my blog yet. Anyhoo, I have assembled a nail color wheel with the shades that fall withing the Radiant Orchid color theme. Ahhh they are all so lovely and I want to use them on my nails right now but I'm still trying to grow them longer.
I've hyperlink the shades where I have already swatched on my blog if you wish to see additional pictures of a polish that interests you. Please excuse the lack of picture quality in my older posts.

  1. Finger Paints Gorgeous Graffiti
  2. Finger Paints Magenta Mural
  3. Sparitual Shoot for the Stars
  4. China Glaze Coconut Kiss
  5. Icing Party Hearty
  6. OPI DS Extravagance
  7. OPI Pamplona Purple
  8. Orly Bumbly Bombshell
  9. China Glaze Senorita Bonita
  10. OPI Diva of Geneva
  11. China Glaze Awakening
  12. Milani Orchidia
  13. Illamasqua Jo'mina
  14. OPI Do You Lilac It?
  15. Essie Play Date

Which one of these do you like best?


  1. OPI do you lilac it... Which is funny because I saw it at Target today and wanted to get it! So many pretty colors!

    1. it's funny I never posted swatches of it and I thought that I did already. I guess I thought everyone must've seen it many times already.

  2. Jo'mina is still so gorgeous! Ive contemplated getting it for a while but since it is the color of the year, i think ill be getting it now :)

    1. It's a nice shade. 14 and 15 look similar but I'm surprised there's no dupe in my stash.

  3. I think I like Gorgeous Graffiti the best.

    1. the blue shimmers are fabulous on that color :)


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