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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Forever 21 Jewelry Hauling

Hello lovelies,

Sorry if I take longer than usual to read and comment but I have a really hectic and busy schedule throughout the month. Last night, after I got off work I went to Sephora, which is at a mall across town. It was the last day to redeem my reward coupon so I made sure I don't let it go to waste. With that said, you should be expecting to see a Sephora haul shortly.

While I was at the mall, I stopped by Forever 21 and of course I always look at the jewelries first. Couldn't help myself but buy a few things. Truth is some of these items will be given as gifts and some will be for myself.

I'm really loving this tribal design necklace. It's pretty, edgy, and stylish.

Another necklace I couldn't bring myself to put back on the shelf is this black and gold statement necklace. It's one of those piece that will look great whether you dress up or down and it just screams "SOPHISTICATED"!

There's something magical and mesmerizing about these colorful stone/beads or whatever you wanna call it that's in these clusters. It's a such a pretty and romantic piece.

Also picked up these two sets of earrings. They feminine, pretty, and I'm very impressed with the quality too.

And the last piece is this purple and blue bow ring. Let's just say that I love bows and I have quite a few bow rings already but just felt like I needed to grab this one too.They also have one that comes in pink but I thought the purple was prettier.

Stay tuned for a couple more items I got...

Let me know what you think of these? Will you be gifting some Forever 21 jewelries to friends or family?

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  1. oh dear.. you had very pretty blings here =) forever 21 were priced x3 here =( sad.. (because of taxes!!!)

    1. aww that is sad. It's so affordable here and much better and cheaper than some other places.

    2. i agree and more designs to choose from =) my first purchase from them is my white long sleeve and i so LOVE it =) *buying with no regrets*


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