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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cheap Nail Polishes From TJ and Sally Beauty Haul

I bought more nail polishes! SMH. I stopped by Sally Beauty the other day just to see if they have any new nail polishes but the only thing that I noticed that was new is a new holiday collection for Finger Paints, which I only ended up buying one and two of their regular polishes.

From left to right: Merry Mistletoe, Laugh My Art Off, Easel-y Entertained.

I decided to stop by TJ cause I just wanted to see if they have anything new and interesting that I can find for gifting...I did manage to get a couple gift items and more stuff for me. I walked by this rack that was full of nail polishes. It was unbelievable because my TJ Maxx usually doesn't have that many but this time they had lots! I found some Orly, OPI, Barrielle, China Glaze, Nicole by OPI, and lots of Essie. However, I only picked through the ones that interested me. Orly and OPI were $3.99 a pot and the rest were $2.99.

Orly Rock Solid is a gunmetal silver shimmer/glitter with holographic glitters.

Station Tall, Dark, and Has Some. I've never heard of this brand before but this one looked very interesting in the bottle. It's got a clear base and blue flaky glitters, and small blue and black glitters. Definitely different and unlike anything I have.

OPI Excuse Moi from the Muppet collection I think. They had a few other glitters but I only liked this one.

Barrielle Shades Soul-er Powered. This has got to be one of the prettiest yellow I have seen. I know it doesn't look like much in the bottle because of the lighting but I promise you that I will give you a better swatch picture of it. It's like a light mustard yellow with some a gorgeous orange and green shimmer to it.

An then, I found this set of nail clippers at TJ also and they were shinny and pink with rhinestone! Ughhh didn't really need to but the packaging was just too cute.

And finally, my blow dryer broke after using it for so many years so I needed a new one. Picked this up at TJ for $24.00. Super cute but a bit smaller than my old one and doesn't have as much power...Hmm it's pretty but lacks power so I'm not sure if I want to keep this. I don't have much hair to blow anyways but I still want to feel the power, lol. It has 3 heat settings and 2 speeds.

That's it for this haul. What did you recently haul?

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  1. glitter polishes = LOVE hihi, but i find it dificult to remove from nails haha =) i love your picks so just perfect for holidays!!!

    1. Yeah they can be a pain to remove but I still love them

  2. I love tk maxx! I hauled some polishes from there yesterday :) x

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