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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wet N Wild ColorIcon - I Dream of Greenie Review + Makeup Look

Wet N Wild just recently released their new products and I spotted them at Walgreens last week. They were on sale for 50% off so I took advantage of the sale to pick up a few eyeshadow trios and nail polishes. I know I know, I seriously do not need anymore eyeshadows but because they were brand new items and dirt cheap, I couldn't resist.
A makeup look was also long overdue so I decided to do a review and makeup look together.

The eyelid color is a lime green color with specks of tiny gold shimmers. The crease color is a shimmery medium green with blue undertone. The browbone color is a shimmery/frosty white with a light green undertone. These colors are very intense, pigmented, and easy to blend. I experienced a bit of fall out with the gold shimmers from the eyelid color. I can't stop but being amazed at the quality of their eyeshadows which rivals that of the higher brands for so much less. I purchased this palette on sale for $1.49. I believe the original price is $2.99. I know these colors may not be appealing to a lot of people since they are so bright and bold. I personally wouldn't be walking out the door with these colors but I like to have them in my stash just so I can play with them. I highly recommend these palettes.
I will review and do a makeup look with the other WNW trio palettes as well so be patient. I plan to post them all this week.

Now on to the makeup look...

I'm wearing on my eyelids, the WNW palette in I Dream of Greenie. I applied the colors according to how they were labeled. I did a double winged eyeliner...cause it's more fun! I lined my upper lash line with Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, which is my favorite black eyeliner. On my lower lash line, I'm wearing Stila Smudge spot in violet. Between the winged liners, I applied wet a yellow eyeshadow from my Coastal Scents Creative me 1 palette.
On my cheeks, I'm wearing NYX blush in Cinnamon. It look scarry bright orange in the pan but when applied lightly, it can look prettier than you think.
I decided to go all out and use a bright color on my lips. I'm wearing MAC Toxic Tale lipstick from the DisneyVenomous Villains Collection. It's soo intense and bright, like a neon pink, that you'll need to be brave and adventurous to be willing to wear this color. I have not seen any drugstore dupe for this lipstick. It's quite unique I must say.
Ha! I'm really liking how all these bright colors go with each other.


  1. very gorgeous! i snagged some wet n wild trios too! be on the look out for the 8 pans! they look even better!

  2. WOW girl!!! It's so pigmented!!! I wouldn't expect that from WnW. I love the look you did!! gorgeous! thanks for the bday wishes!

  3. Loving the colors! & that look suits u very well^^

  4. Thanks ladies.

    Calia, Wet N Wild eyeshadows are the best drugstore eyeshadows! If you havent tried yet, you are really missing out!

  5. I just stumbled across your blog, it's lovely! I love your gorgeous bright looks especially this green one!!


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