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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fyrinnae Eyeshadow Pigment Haul and Swatches

About a week ago I placed an order with Fyrinnae. It's been a long time since I bought anything from an Indie brand but I've been googling for their swatches for a while before I made my purchase.
I was  having some trouble with their website, which is another reason why I've put this order in the back burner. What happened is that I would put stuff in my cart while I google for swatches and when I went back in it, the stuff had in my cart disappeared. It kept going like that for a while so I sorta gave up and just made a note of the colors I was planning on getting. Once I was ready to order, I had to clear the history and cookies from my browser, and quickly add to my cart the stuff that I wanted and proceed to check out. I had to do this in less than 10 minutes because I've noticed that when I'm browsing the site too long, anything I add to my cart disappears. It's weird and inconvenient but I thought I'd mention that in case you decide to order something.
They only charged me $2.50 for shipping, which is pretty cheap to what I'm normally used to so I'm pretty happy about that. Even though they had a notice on their site that there might be delays in shipping, from the time I placed my order and the time I received it, it took about a week. That was still pretty good.

Currently, the site is down. Not sure if it is for maintenance or what not but a message said they will return on 7-16.

Anyhoo, what attracted me to the brand is the positive reviews and awesome swatches I've seen. A lot of these eyeshadow pigments have complex and interesting colors. The mini jar containers are a pretty good size to try and the price is reasonable. You get 1/3 teaspoon for $2.25 a pot. It may not seem like a lot but enough for several uses and you won't run out of it anytime soon unless you use the color every day. So these are good size samples to try, especially if you want to try several colors. If you find a color that you really like, they also sell them in larger pots.

I'm grateful to see that each individual shade is labeled properly. Along with these eyeshadows, Pixie Epoxy ($7.00 for a full size) was another reason why I placed an order. Those who tried rave about it and I had to have it. For those of you who don't know what Pixie Epoxy is, it's a clear base gel that you use over your eyeshadow primer and before applying your eyeshadow. Its purpose is to act like an adhesive and intensify the color of your loose eyeshadow. I will do a more in-depth review once I've tried it a few times but while we're at it, I've swatched below these eyeshadows with Pixie Epoxy and without it so you get an idea of the difference that it makes.

Swatches on the left were done with Pixie Epoxy and Swatches on the right were done dry and without primer.

Agenda - medium matte grey with a subtle purple sheen. This one is a very interesting color and I like the fact that it's more than just grey.

Arcane Magic Wizard's Wedding Cake - dark matte brownish purple with sparkling pink and blue shimmers.

Bite Me - matte brick red.

Bollywood Babe - shimmery pink with small gold glitters. I thought this was going to be a duochrome but I guess I was wrong.

Bonfire Spirits - sparkling shimmery burgundy and gold. This color is so beautiful and unique. It's very Christmassy. Applies smoothly.

Cuddlefish - shimmery dark blue with blue and pink shimmers.

Dressed to Kill - dark matte yellow green with gold shimmers

Etheral Eire - shimmery golden green teal with small teal glitters. I have a lot of teal eyeshadows but not as interesting as this one. It applies so smoothly.

Lucky Charmed - intense shimmery antique gold with a green undertone. Very metallic looking. I'm pretty sure I have similar color to this. It's very pretty nonetheless and seem to have a creamier consistency.

Mephisto - dark matte blurple with garnet shimmers. It's a gorgeous and unique color. I'm a bit worried about how this will look when applied because the purple and the copper don't seem to mesh together very well.

Parental Advisory - vibrant burple with pink shimmers. I love how vibrant this color is.

Purgatory - dark burgundy with red shimmers. This would be awesome for dark, mysterious, and vampy looks.

Shenanigans - shimmery golden bronze with small gorgeous rainbow glitters (blue, green, and pink). Oh the surprise on my face when I saw the rainbow colored glitters. This one also applies smoothly. So cute! I want a nail polish in this color!

Tyr - dark green with gold and green shimmers. I might have a similar color to this.

Swatches done with Pixie Epoxy
Although I have not put these eyeshadows to the test yet, I can tell you how I initially feel about them.

Agenda, Arcane Magic Wizards' Wedding Cake, and Mephisto - have very interesting mix of colors and shimmers but don't seem to mesh very well together when I swatched them.

Bite Me - felt dry so application was a bit patchy. With that said, I'm not sure how blendable it is.

Cuddlefish, Dressed to Kill, Parental Advisory, Purgatory, Tyr - the application looks fairly even for the most part. They do feel a little dry though.

Bollywood Babe, Bonfire Spirits, Etheral Eire, Lucky Charmed, and Shenanigans - have smooth and even application. They feel creamy and are shinier and more shimmery. I thought that they had the best texture and finish.

I can tell you that I much prefer pressed eyeshadows because I find loose eyeshadows challenging and messy to work with but with Pixie Epoxy at my arsenal, the process might make things a little more manageable and enjoyable. As you can see from the pictures above Pixie Epoxy brings those shimmers to life. They look lost and almost non-existent when swatched dry.

I'd love to order some more but I'll have to play with these for now.

What's your favorite Fyrinnae color? Ever tried Pixie Epoxy?


  1. the colours are gorgeous!!

    1. I love those who have different colored shimmers and sparkles. It makes them more fun.

  2. I love Fyrinnae! I haven't ordered from them in a long while though! I personally love Mephisto, and I think it looks amazing on the eyes.

    1. I'll have to do a look with it and see how it turns out.

  3. Wow...beautiful colors! Never heard of Fyrinnae, but these colors are just beautiful. Parental Advisory looks gorgeous...this Pixie Epoxy sure make these colors pop and stand out.

    1. I think I'm sold on Pixie Epoxie. I always struggled to make my eyeshadow pigments look good and I was very pleased to see my shadows come to life with it. Possible new HG product for me.

  4. I have been lusting after Fyrinnae for like 2 years now, The pixie epoxie too! After seeing your swatches I may break down. Great color much pretty!

    1. You should definitely grab some goodies from them. I've been lusting for a long time too.

  5. These are so beautiful! I really like the Bonfire color too. It's gorgeous and def reminds me of the holidays =)

    1. I love how pretty they are. I can't wait to order some more hehhe

  6. Love love the greens!! I've seen so much of these shadows but i had a big order of sample sizes of pigments from shirocosmetics so no more now!

    1. I've not tried shirocosmetics yet but I sure will be checking them out.

  7. Omg amazing haul!! I've only bought from Fyrinnae a couple of times & they were small orders, but I'm drooling over your pictures! Especially Cuddlefish & Parental Advisory, wow! I love Pixie Epoxy for bringing out the shimmer, I've just found that it makes it harder to blend because it is so sticky. & don't forget to still use a primer! I love it for applying glitters over other colours. xx

    1. yes it makes sense that blending would be harder with Pixie Epoxy. Hmm...I haven't done a look with it yet...Too lazy to do makeup at the moment. Purple lover will definitely love Cuddlefish and Parental Advisory.


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