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Sunday, July 7, 2013

NYX Round Lipstick Orpheus - Swatch and Review

I'm a little behind on my swatches and reviews but the last few days I've also been busy working on my nail gallery. I worked my fingers to the bone yesterday and I still not done yet but I'm happy to say that I'm close to being finished so if I keep stabbing at it, you might just be able to see it by next week.

So for the moment, I have a review of this NYX lippie for you...

I've googled a hundred swatches before I bought this lipstick and it seems to look different on everyone. From my past experience with the NYX round lipsticks, I can tell you that the formula and consistency varies from one shade to another so it's hard to know what you're getting until you get it.

  • Standard round tube. 
  • .14 oz or 4g

  • Orpheus is a shimmery medium taupe with a lavender undertone and a frosty finish. Not your typical lipstick color but totally fine with me because I like unusual shades. Similar shades are MAC Grey Friday and Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish #15
  • The first thing I noticed was the strong and funky scent. In spite of that I swatched it anyways but I don't think I'll be using it after that. I ordered this from Cherry Culture and perhaps this one has gone bad. 
  • The texture was a bit slippery and the color applied unevenly. The formula is unforgiving for dry lips and will show any imperfection. This type of formula usually last 2 to 3 hours on me at the most.
  • Pigmentation was alright but it is only semi-opaque. Could be another factor why it looks so different on every swatch I've seen. It would work better over a lip liner or on top of another shade. 

Final Thought

Disappointed. I definitely have seen better swatches of it but this didn't work for me. Patchy application, slipperiness, and funky smell is a no go for me.

Rating: 5/10

Price: $3.00
Availability: Cherry Culture


  1. Bummer about the formula and the smell--it really is an interesting shade!

    1. Yes it does look interesting in the tube. Too bad it looks different on the lips.

  2. I love NYX lipsticks but totally agree with you about the consistency. I have a few that I love and a few that I've pitched. :(

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

    1. Yeah that makes it hard if you have to order them online and would have to rely on reviews.

  3. That is a pretty color when swatched but on the lips, I don't like it that much. Too bad that it smells funny and that you wont be using it.

  4. Interesting shade, would be a beautiful eyeshadow color but its too strange on the lips!

    1. It had the potential to look good on the lips if they had the formula done right.

  5. So sorry you didn't like it :( It looks pretty like a lavender grey shade but the smell! ACK.

  6. argh, don't know but I think I also didn't like the colour, I think it's too much shimmering! But the smell is very important, if you can't stand it there's no way!

    1. I know...too frosty. Would have been better if less frosty for sure. Yeah certain lipstick I avoid just because I can't stand the smell.


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