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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now! Vitamin Treatment - Review

A little while ago, I picked up this Sally Hansen cuticle cream because it was on sale for half off at Walgreens. I don't usually do anything special with my nails and cuticles. I'm pretty low maintenance with them. I clip or file my nails weekly. I push my cuticles weekly and I try to remember to use hand cream and cuticle creams daily. I love painting my nails with a new and cool nail polishes and having healthy cuticles is important. I'm fortunate that they are generally in good shape so I don't have to do much with them.

What Sally Hansen claims about this cream...

Nourishes and helps restore dry nails and cuticles. Exclusive Bio-Active Vita-Soy Complex penetrates with essential nutrients for healthy nails and cuticles. Moisturizes and nourishes cuticles with Aloe. Nourishing anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, E and Pro-Vitamin B5 promote strong, healthy nail growth. Moisturizing Aloe conditions for visibly smoother, healthy cuticles and stronger nails.

  • This little pot looks like an eye cream jar and contains .48 oz or 13.6 g of product. I honestly really dislike this type of packaging because it would mean that I'd  have to dip my fingers into the pot and get creams all over the inside of my nails, which is a huge pet peeve for me. My only consolation is that I got it on sale, it's supposed to be good for my cuticles, and I wanted to review it for you.

  • This cuticle treatment comes in form of a very light cream that looks like it's been air whipped. A little goes a long way. 
  • The cream is thin, absorbs fairly quickly, doesn't feel greasy, and helps moisturizing your cuticles. Now, as far as the moisturizing goes, it helps but won't do much. If you have very dry and cracked skin around your cuticles, you'd need something more heavy duty than this. I find that the conditioning effect doesn't last very long and you'd definitely need to reapply after you wash your hands because soaps will strip this cream off your cuticles. If your cuticles need serious help, I would recommend the Dior Creme Abricot nail cream
  • It has a soft pleasant floral scent. 

Final Thought

It's ok for daily use to help keep your cuticles hydrated and in good shape but I prefer something more moisturizing and longer lasting. It's not potent enough to heal severely dried cuticles, moisturizing effect doesn't last very long, and washes away easily. Overall, it's just an ok product. I wouldn't repurchase though.

Rating: 7/10

Price: $5.00-$7.00
Availability: Walgreens, Target

Do you have a favorite cuticle cream?


  1. I like the burt's bees lemon cream, but its more like a salve and the scent is so lovely. I think I would probably really love the Dior cream, there's got to be a reason its been around so long!

    1. The Dior cream is awesome. It is pretty thick and feels just a little sticky at first but it goes away in a few minutes.

  2. I haven't really been impressed with the Sally Hansen nail care products, to be honest. I always feel like they're just kind of "meh" but don't live up to their claims.

    1. The only think I liked so far was the Triple Strong strengthener.

  3. It kills me when products tout that they do this and that and never live up to their claims. Thanks for reviewing. I've been trying to use up the Poshe cuticle cream that a friend sent to me...I don't particularly care for the smell of it, but it does a decent job.

    1. yeah I hate it when they make the product sound so good and you get all pumped up to try it when you get it, it's like mehh!


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