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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Haul - Ulta, Victoria's Secret, and a Few Miscellaneous Items

Guess who went shopping! I got a coupon from Ulta a couple days ago for 20% off my entire online or in-store purchase so I decided to put it to good use.

I was in desperate need of hand soaps. These Ulta Anti-Bacterial hand soaps have quickly grown on me. I love them just as much as the Bath and Body Works hand soaps. These were on sale for $4.00 each. The coupon brought them down to $3.20.

I've been eyeing this spray for some time now and with the coupon, I thought it was a good opportunity to finally try it. My hair is pretty long and reaching down to my waist now. Seems like it took me forever to grow them. Anyways, I always wished my hair was thicker and had more volume because it's always flat and boring. I'm hoping this will give them the bounce I've always been dreaming of. This bottle is $26 but with the coupon, I saved $5.20.

NYX Cosmetics are BOGO 50% off sale. I've had mostly good experience with this brand so I'm always looking for the next thing to try. I usually wait for a sale for the opportunity to snag new goodies.
More eyeliners! If you've been following me my recent swatch posts, you know how much of an eyeliner junkie I am. I, of course, had to get more.

  • NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker Carbon Black, $8.99. I usually don't have much luck with marker type eyeliners. I was hoping this one would prove me wrong. 
  • NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator Gleam, $6.99. I don't know what I was thinking. Highlighting isn't usually my thing but I gotta say, this one looked quite beautiful when I tried out the tester in store. 
  • NYX HD Photogenic Concealer, $4.99. I don't know why but I've been on a concealer kick lately, lol. This one looks promising. 
  • NYX Slide On eyeliner Tropical Green, $7.99. I dig this deep shimmery green color. 

Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes ($5.49) were on BOGO 50% off. Actually, all Pond's products are on sale at Ulta right now. I was debating between another pack of makeup wipes or a cleanser but since I still have a lot of cleansers to go through, another pack of wipes was the logical decision.

Scuppered and Jack the Lad

I've been wanting these two polishes for the longest time. My lemmings for them are finally over! I justified my purchase with the coupon, which saved me $6.00 on these two babies. I think the price of Butter London went up. Didn't they used to be $12.00 a pot? They are now $15.00 each...*Cringe at the price*
Scuppered is OMFG amazing! I nearly cried when I finally claimed it as my own. It was like being reunited with a long lost lover. Yeah I know, sounds a bit dramatic but nothing gives me the high like a pretty nail polish does. Jack the Lad is also gorgeous, was going to put it back on the shelf but my bad self couldn't do it so in my bag it went as well. This concludes my Ulta haul.

Moving on to Victoria's Secret...

Yep, I'm back to trying to find a new scent and VS has all their beauty products for buy 2 get one free.

  • Dream Angels Heavenly body mist, $15.00 Free. Notes: white musk, sandalwood, vanilla, and white peony. I like this one but I think I would love it if the floral note was stronger and the white musk and sandalwood notes were softer. 
  • Very Sexy Touch body mist, $15.00. Top notes: Juicy red pear, honeysuckle, gilded apricot, fresh citrus.Middle notes: Vanilla orchid blossom, blooming magnolia, white peony, Italian iris. Dry-down notes: Vanilla bean, creamy coconut, clean vetiver, amber wood, musk...Dang, I didn't know this one had that many notes but I'll have to agree that this fragrance smells like a lot of stuff has been put into it! My daughter picked this one for herself. It has a sweet fruity floral scent, which is usually what she prefers.
  • Very Sexy Temptation body lotion, $20. Notes: Passion flower, Moroccan jasmine and blushing orchid. The lotion is light and absorbs quickly. It has a bit of a sweet scent. Maybe a bit too much for for my nose. 

I found a store at the mall that sold this polish for a buck. It has a mix of chunky red glitters, smaller red glitters, and holographic bar glitters.

Francesca's has some cute jewelries. I don't shop there very often but this time I decided to check it out. The earrings on the left ($18.00) looks like two medallions attached together. It's approximately 2 inches long. The earrings on the right has two jade-like colored stones. The length of the earrings is approximately 1 1/2 inches. It was originally $12.00 but jewelries were BOGO 50% off so this one ended up being $6.00.  

I guess that's it for now...

Have you tried any of these products or is there any that are going on your wishlist?


  1. Oh man, what an Ulta haul! Can't wait to see your reviews. Those Butter London lacquers look so beautiful--I agree, a pretty nail polish is one of the best things in the world! I do think the price went up, I believe it went up on Zoya too :/

    1. ughhh, with prices going up like that, I'd have to pay a little more attention to sales and using coupons.

  2. Good to know those hand soaps are good! I'm more of a strong perfume gal, so I don't do the VS sprays very often. I LOVE the jade stone earrings.

    1. I prefer more potent scents as well but we've been asked to not wear those to work so I was shopping for scents that won't knock people out.


  4. Great haul! I hear that NYX concealer is good!

    1. I swatched it and it does feel like a good concealer :D

  5. I love the jewelry that you bought! They are definitely great for the Summer! Hopefully the Living Proof product works out for you, if it does, please let me know. I have long and flat hair as well (down to my waist).

  6. Amazing haul! I wish we had VS in Hungary, ahhhh

    1. I think their fragrance and beauty line is just alright. Most of the lingerie are good though.

  7. Really nice haul! I have yet to try any Butter London lacquers yet...I just cannot bring myself to pay $15 for a bottle of polish and I have yet to catch them on sale. Love your earrings, they are beautiful. I love VS body lotions and mists.

    1. Yeah $15 for a nail polish makes me cringe. I wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't for the coupon but still at this price point, I'm picking up the prettiest color.


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