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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Swatch - Urban Decay Lipstick Confession

Hello there,

Not long ago, I snagged this lipstick from UD's Friends and Family sale for $3.00, which was unbelievable because they originally retail for $22.00.

The packaging is bulky but gorgeous with swirl designs and a little dagger at the base of the lipstick tube. Looks snazzy, doesn't it? Aside from the beautiful packaging, I could not for the life of me open up the lipstick. It got to the point I was breaking a sweat trying to open it. I was afraid that I might end up breaking the dagger so I googled up if there was a magical way of getting this lipstick tube to open.
Well there isn't! Boooo!! lol. You just practically have to force this thing out and I would highly suggest a plier because that's what I had to use.

Lucky for me, I didn't break or bend the dagger but, dammit, I've never had to use this much force just to open a lipstick. Once you get it to open a few times, it gets easier. But yeah, that was quite the shock and inconvenience for me to have to go through that.

Aside from the not so practical packaging, Confession is a dark plumy shade. The formula is semi-sheer, pigmented, and quite slippery. The slippery feel was kind of a turn off for me. The color was settling into my lip lines. The application was a little blotchy but the color is gorgeous, in my opinion. It looks almost black in the tube but more wearable on the lips.

It has a strong but pleasant sweet perfumy scent. Hard to describe.

Overall, I'd recommend that you exfoliate your lips before applying this lipstick because it will emphasize any dryness and imperfection. Secondly, if you don't want to go all out with it, you can blot the lipstick and you'll end up with a nice and wearable plummy stain.
Now, I believe these lipsticks are being discontinued because all there is left available is the shade Oil Slick.
I hope UD come out with better lipsticks. This one was kind of a love and hate, lol.

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  1. Just by looking at the packaging, I can tell that it's hard to open! Such a hassle! Nice color though :)


  2. I have a few of these and never had that hard of a time getting the cap off.. that sucks! At least you managed to get it off without breaking anything ;) The color is really pretty! I was glad to get Midnight Cowboy on sale which is a really sheer nude shade with sparkles.. I also think the formula is too slick, so I always heavily blot it.

    1. I probably got one that got returned because nobody could open? maybe? lol


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