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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Anise Nail Polish - Total Temptress and Wee Hours

These are nail polishes that I purchased from DSW and they are always BOGO 50%. 

Total Temptress looked very temptress in the bottle but not so much on the nails because the shimmers don't show up like they do in the bottle. The application is streaky and patchy so you'll need two or three coats to even it out. This is a dark greyish purple with gold, blue, and purple shimmers. The reason why the shimmers just disappear on the nails is because the base is a bit thick and opaque. It would have worked better if the color was a little more transparent. It really made no sense to put shimmers in there if they are not going to show up anyways. Still a nice but plain color for fall.

Wee Hours is a dark blurple nail polish with blue and pink shimmers. It looks more blue on the nails and more purple in the bottle...weird. The shimmers look very subtle so you won't actually notice them until you take a really close look. It goes opaque in 1 coat and application is easy to work with.

Overall, I'm a little disappointed at these two polishes since they look nothing like they do in the bottle and on my nails. Otherwise, they are not too bad.

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