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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beauty Blogger Headquarters & How I Became A Blogger

Beauty Blogger Headquarters

I just recently joined Beauty Blogger Headquarters, which is a beauty blogger club created by the lovely Krystal for beauty bloggers to come together and share their opinions and discuss about anything beauty related. If you don't know her yet, please check out her page as well.

Our task for November is to answer the following questions.

  • How long have you been blogging? 
    •  I started blogging in October of 2010 so it has been two years now. I'm very active on my blog. I post something new almost every day.
  • What/who inspired you to start blogging?
    • I was first introduced to the art of beauty through YouTube. Then I found out about Temptalia, and I'm sure many of you know her as well. I absolutely love how detailed and helpful her blog has been for a newbie like myself. I started blogging because (1) beauty and makeup had become a new passion for me and (2) I joined the Luuux community which gave me an incentive to blog since I could earn points and redeem them for prizes.
  • Did you tell your family and friends about your blog? If so, what was their reaction? Are they supportive or "in the dark" about your blogging?
    •  I told a few friends and my family. They were all very supportive and excited that I started a blog.
  • What goals or dreams did your have for your blog when you started? Have you accomplished them?
    •  The purpose of my blog is to share my passion about beauty, my discoveries, my journey, and experiences. I am not a professional makeup artist or a beauty guru but I consider myself a beauty enthusiast. I never intended to be popular, to make money off of this, or to get free products from beauty companies. I have a full time job so blogging is more of a hobby for me. My goal was to deliver contents that people will find helpful, interesting, and also inspire others who share the same interest. Currently, I get an average of 1700 views per day and 50,000 in a month. Although, there is a considerate amount of traffic on my page, I receive very little of feedback from my readers so I'm not very sure if I've met my goal. Another goal, I would consider is making videos. I've had several requests before but that is still beyond my comfort zone because I have no clue on how to do videos, editing, etc...Any tips will be appreciated.
  • If you could give your beginner-blogger-self one tip of advice, what would it be?
    •  Blog because you are passionate about it. Deliver interesting and quality content that will keep your readers coming back.
  • What is your favorite and least favorite thing about being a blogger?
    • My favorite thing about being a beauty blogger is that beauty gives me something to look forward to, to think about, to experience, and share. There isn't really anything that I can think of that I do not like about being a beauty blogger. I guess the only thing that cross my mind is not knowing what my readers expect from me.
  • What does your blog name mean? How did you decide on it?
    •  My blog name is Beauty Redefined By Pang. I decided to go with it because to me beauty isn't about just looking pretty, putting make up on your face, style your hair, or wear nice clothes. It is also about understanding the essence of it. What makes you beautiful is who you are as a person and how you portray yourself. Beauty isn't necessarily something you are born with, but something you can certainly grow into. Beauty is about creating, reinventing, and rediscovering yourself. You can be imperfect, flawed, and still be beautiful. 
Thanks for reading and I hope this post gave you a little more insight of who I am as a blogger. Feel free to comment and give me any suggestions or advice as to what you would like to see more on my blog.


  1. So glad you've joined the club! :)

    I shoot video clips using the camera on my Touchpad, then e-mail them to myself so I can download them on the desktop computer and play with them using Windows Movie Maker. I suppose this isn't a very sophisticated way to do it, but it's simple and it works! I don't think you need fancy tools or effects, really, at least when you're first getting started.

    You have such a lovely blog! :) Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. You're right. I don't need to get fancy tools. I'm just a bit peculiar about how I like things done. I just gonna have to give it a whirl and learn from there.

  2. Love your post! I look forward to future posting. I'm already learning a few tips from you and your swatches are very help :)

    1. Thanks. I'm glad you find my blog helpful. I look forward to learning new things and getting to know other fellow bloggers as well.

  3. Hi, Pang! Finally I got a chance to subscribe to your blog. I look forward to seeing your posts and I need to look into LUUUX! I loved your post. I think you have a lot of very interesting things to say and you are a fantastic writer. :)

  4. Good day! It was such a pleasure to visit this blog and to read this blog post. Will you be so nice and answer my question. What is your attitude towards guest blogging?

    1. I think guest blogging is a good way to network and share your stories or expertise, especially if it is within the areas of interest of the readers who read that blog.


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