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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Swatches - China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection 2012

I only picked up a few of the glitter polishes from this collection because they were a little more unique.
These are currently available at Sally Beauty Supply and they are also selling them in gift sets.

Pizzazz has a clear base, which is slightly on the thicker side, and multi-colored glitters. I find the majority of the glitters are silver and they all appear to be the same size. I did only one coat over a black nail polish and as you can see, the brush picks up a lot of glitters with just one coat. I think I have other glitters that are similar so I guess I didn't really need this one.

If you are only getting one polish from this collection,Glitter All The Way would be one I recommend because of its unique glitteriness. I have not come across anything like it so I don't think there is a dupe for it. The color combination doesn't really make me think of the holidays but more like Mardi Gras in a bottle.
The clear base is slightly thick which helps the brush also pick up a lot of glitters. This is just one coat over a black polish.

Glistening Snow is very densely packed with fine silver holographic glitters, giving you the effect of glistening snow. The name suits it well. The holographic sparkles are more noticeable under bright light. I did two coats on the swatches and added a top coat. You can certainly wear it without top coat but it does look a bit matte without it. Either way, I still think it's pretty.

Thanks for reading. What is your favorite 2012 holiday nail polish? Are you planning on getting any from this collection?

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  1. Pretty colors! I've already gotten Pizzazz and Glitter All The Way, but I have more on my wishlist!

    1. ooh nice. What else are you trying to get?

  2. Whoa!! I love the glistening snow now! It's so pretty!!

  3. Glistening snow is so pretty, and would be pretty all year round :)

  4. Omg these colors or should I say sparkles? are beautiful! I love glistening snow its perfect for this time of year. Also great job on your pictures! They are clear and there is nothing distracting from the main object. ITs what I like to see in blogs! haha
    I am your 376th follower from Beauty Bloggers HQ :)

    1. Thank you for following my blog. I try hard to take good pictures because I understand how important that is.


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