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Friday, November 23, 2012

Khloe's Kardazzle Makeup Look

Hello there,

I'm testing out this new palette from the Khroma Beauty line, endorsed by the Kardarshians. Khroma Beauty is available at Ulta as far as I know. I am not sure if they will be sold elsewhere. I figure I might as well show you the makeup look first, as I am going to give you my review soon. I know there is nothing special about this look, and I've probably done a few similar but at least you can get an idea of the outcome of this palette.

  • Physicians Formula Bamboo Bronzer as contour
  • Shade #6 from the Khloe's Kardazzle palette on the cheeks
  • Shade #7 from the Khloe's Kardazzle palette as highlight on the cheeks

  • I primed my eyes with UDPP original
  • I applied shade#4 on my lids and inner lower lash line
  • Shade #2 on the crease
  • Shade #3 on the outer V
  • After I lined the outer lower lash line with NYX retractable eyeliner bronze, I smudge some of the shade#5 on top of it.
  • I lined my upper lash line with Physicians Formula Eyebooster Ultra Black
  • I used shade #1 on my brow bone
  • For my brows, I used the ELF brow kit in Dark and Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Expresso.
  • ELF natural lashes

  • Sonia Kashuk Soft Pink lipstick

If you are interested in my review for the palette, stay tuned because it will be up soon.

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  1. You look lovely! Natural, but even better!

  2. Pretty! I really love seeing your EOTDs on my blogger dashboard! I love the look you created, very wearable!


    1. Thanks. I'm trying to do them more regularly lol...but it aint easy cause they take so much time.

  3. They have Khroma Color at My Sears. It doesn't have its own section, but they have all the makeup on displays.

    1. ah I'm not surprised since they do sell the Kardashians clothing line too. Thanks for letting us know :)

  4. I was interested in the lashes from the Khroma line and I thought "Oh, they look really nice" but then I read they're not Khroma, they're from elf. lol :)

    1. oops sorry, it's just the eyeshadows that are from the Khroma line :p


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