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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My New Clutch and Earrings

Last week, I found out that Shoplately had a $10 coupon code for their anniversary and I was lucky enough to redeem it on the very last day, lol. I didn't know about this but I guess I was lucky that I decided to just browse there that day.

Day to Night Snake Envelope Clutch Green, $42.50. I've been contemplating this clutch for a while. The reason I was hesitant to get it was because I think the price is too high but since I was able to get $10 off, I decided to bite the bullet. I wish it was a little smaller but it is roomy so that's not a bad thing either. The style is quite simple. The snake prints are subtle but the color was the main attraction for me, lol. There is also a silver chain strap included with the bag, in case you feel like you need it. It has a satin lining, inner zip pocket and a couple side pockets. Looks great with a simple outfit for a pop of color. 

Delicate Statement Earrings, $7.50. What can I say about these earrings. They are just lovely. Have a bit of color. Interesting yet simple design. Not too big, not too small. It has a versatility to it that I like.

That's pretty much all I got for this haul.

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  1. That clutch is so lovely! I always thought that you have to match something (like shoes, top, or whatever it is) with the bag but in the picture of you holding the clutch in your orange t-shirt, it sorta, works! xD I love the colour as well! I wish Forever21 carry something in that quirky colour but at a lesser price point.

    1. That would be nice if F21 had it cause this was a bit too pricey IMO. I wouldn't have gotten it if I didn't have the coupon code. I used to think about matching my clothes and accessories too but I eventually learned that you can use colors together and still come out good.

  2. I like the clutch but you're right, it's just a teensy bit too big and a teensy bit too pricey. I wish F21 would step it up with their clutch selection. I have found some good ones at TJMAXX but nothing for a little while now.

    1. The main things I look for when I go to TJ are the bags, beauty section, and shoes, lol.


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