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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fashion Haul - New Shoes, Shirt, and Skirt

I did not want to go shopping but since my mother is in town and she hasn't been shopping in a while, she asked me to take her shopping yesterday. Yikes! What can I say...I have no self control when I see something I like, especially if I'm getting a good deal on it. 

While I was inside JCPenney, I spotted these adorable nude pumps. They are the Cosmopolitan Jessica Bow Detailed Platform Pumps, and they were on sale for $24.00. I got the last pair in my size, lucky me! These looks so darn cute when I tried them on that I just had to take them home. The bow detail is such a nice add-on. This pair is available on JCPenney's website for $37.00, if you are interested, please click on the hyperlink.

Another item I bought from JC Penney is this Neon Yellow/Chartreuse sheer top. It was on sale for $10.00! I cannot wait to wear this paired with a cardigan :D.

The mint green tribal print hi-low skirt was purchased from Charlotte Russe and retails for $26.99. Everything was on BOGO 50% off. My daughter picked out a shirt and since hers was slightly cheaper than my skirt, she got hers for 50% off.

I have 2 more hauls to post so stay tuned!

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