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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Khroma Beauty Khloe's Kardazzle Palette - Review and Swatches

Hello Lovelies,

Today, I'll be reviewing this new makeup palette from the Kardashians. Well, let me just start off by saying that I'm not fan of the Kardashians or do I care to what they do. I really don't get why they are so famous, lol. Other than that I was drawn to the palette because it appealed to me for several reasons.

  • The packaging is compact, which is what I like most when it comes to packaging. The more compact, the better. 
  • 8 earth tone colors eyeshadows to create that lovely neutral look everyone loves. What's exciting about that is you have 4 shimmers and 4 mattes. I love it when they include some mattes in a palette.
  • 2 blushes. Both are matte. One is a lovely peachy pink color and the other is a peachy nude color. 
  • 1 highlighter. It looks very similar to NARS Albatross, though Albatross feels smoother and more finely milled. 

  • The matte eyeshadows lack in pigmentation but the formula was ok. Not as dry as some of the matte I've come across so blending them was easier.
  • The shimmer eyeshadows are more pigmented than the matte but they are really nothing to rave about either. I would prefer the shimmers to be more intense and finely milled but they have more of a frost finish to them, which is probably why the pigmentation isn't as good as I would have hoped.
  • I think the blushes and highlighter are great! They work very well on my skintone and they are gorgeous neutral shade that won't make you look overdone. 
  • Swatches were done without a primer.
Final Thought
This palette is decent overall. The pigmentation is just ok, not the best or the worst I've tried. They do show up fairly well and last through the day with a good primer. I'm still a bit disappointed with the eyeshadows and like the blushes the best out of the palette.
If you have fair to medium skintone, I think these shades will work for you otherwise, if you are darker, they probably won't. This palette retails for $12.99 and is available at Ulta. Personally, this palette doesn't meet my expectation so I will be returning it.

My rating: 7/10.

To view the two looks I've created with this palette, you can view it HERE and THERE.

Will you still give it a try or pass?

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  1. Great review. I was wondering about this palette and now I know not to pick it up. Thanks!

    1. The surprising thing for me is that some people actually like this palette based on some of the review I've seen. But honestly, the quality of these eyeshadows are only comparable to ELF so definitely not worth the price tag IMO.

  2. I agree I'm not too crazy with the Kardashians. I still don't know why they give her so much attention. Nice palette and shades though, thanks for the review.

    1. IDK perhaps she gets attention cause she's annoying lol.

  3. i love this perfect neutrals =) more on the lower shades with shimmers =) perfect for any occasions and daytime look..

    1. It's not bad but for the price and quality, I've seen better with other drugstore product.


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