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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sephora VIB Haul

I went to Sephora last night after work because my sister told me that was the only time she could go to take advantage of the discount. If you are not familiar with this yet, basically around this time of the year, Sephora's VIB get a 20% discount on anything in-store and online. They can bring along a friend to also take advantage of the discount. In order to qualify for Sephora's VIB status, you can click HERE for more info.

With that said, this is the free bag that Sephora is giving out to the VIB's this year. My reaction was mehhh! What happened? Last couple years VIB bags were much better in quality. Last year, we got an umbrella, which was cool. But this year, the bag looks very cheap. Anyways, let's move on to the haul...

Sephora Favorites Draw the Line, $28.00. This set contains 3 pencil liners, 2 liquid liners, and 1 cream liner. Three of them are full size, making this set a great value for $28.00. I can certainly appreciate the variety here. Eyeliners is a big staple in my beauty routine. I wear them pretty much every day. I am also very picky about eyeliners so I hope that these won't disappoint. I know for sure that the UD liner is a good one because I already tried it. I will do a review on these liners, once I get a good feel for them :).

Disney Cinderella Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set, $25.00. I can honestly admit that I surely don't need anymore lip products in my life since I can barely go through what I already have BUT I got totally sucked in with the cute packaging and the range of color was quite pretty and for the price, I felt that this was a good buy. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if I should keep this. I will do some swatches and review at least since I have it.

Sephora Supreme Cleansing Foam, $12.00. I've been on the look out for a good makeup remover/cleanser and this one seemed promising with a reasonable price tag.

Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil, $26.00. I've never tried cleansing oil so this will be my first. I go through face cleansers pretty quick so it made sense for me to buy another to try. I hate having makeup residue after cleansing my face so I hope that this will help.

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel (Expresso), $21.00. I've used this tinted brow gel a while back and remembered really liking it but I did not want to purchase it at full price so I waited till the sale. This will make your brows look naturally thicker and darker. Great for people who have thin sparse brows like myself.

VIB Kit. I never got this last year, and I was a VIB then too. Not sure if this is new. What's inside the kit is a VIB card, a free VIB mirror, and VIB coupons and offers.

I know my haul isn't spectacular or anything and I tried to stick to things that I need (except for the lipstick set). I'm contemplating on placing an online order before the sales end, again trying to focus on needs rather than wants, lol...We'll see how that goes.

Have you taken advantage of this sale? If so, what did you get?

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  1. I agree the bag this year looks very cheap.

    Anyways, I ordered online and I can't wait for the order to come in! I took advantage of the sale to buy a ton of Makeup Forever. I have never tried any MUFE products.

    1. ooo MUFE goodies eh? Sounds exciting! I'll be looking forward to see your haul

  2. great haul! :)
    I agree, the bag is very cheap looking. At least mine came with some nice samples inside :)

    1. Lucky you. They only gave me two one time use perfume samples that are the same. I wished I had better samples.

  3. All things look gorgeous, the sampler kit though is my favourite. I've always wanted to try the lip sampler, but it is'n available in our sephora :(

    1. Really? Perhaps you could order online if you really want to try it.


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