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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stila Countless Color Pigments Acoustic - Swatch & Review

Hello Ladies,

I got the chance to try out one of the new Stila Countless Color Pigments and I'm ready to present my review to you. They have so many nice colors and comes in 10 different pot. It was really hard for me to pick one but in the end, I only got Acoustic.


  • It's definitely what attracted me to the product in the first place. Ok, so I don't really care much for the outside plastic container. It's rather plain and cheap. I just loved the fact that they had 3 different color pressed together.
  • .1 oz or 3 g

Colors swatched on their own


  • The shimmery reddish brown has very good pigmentation and texture
  • The orange has an ok pigmentation, it's matte, on the powdery side, and takes a bit of work to build up the color. It actually looks more like a muted coral now that I look at it more.
  • The shimmery champagne is on the sheer side and barely noticeable. You really have to pack it on for this one to show up.
  • One nice thing about the way the eyeshadows are pressed is that you can intermix the colors to create a different shade. There's not much variation between colors once they are mix on this pot to be honest. I think the Orange mixed with the champagne yield a gorgeous color that I can see myself applying on my cheeks. 
  • These eyeshadows shouldn't be applied wet.

Final Thought

With a good primer, the colors do stay put through most of the day with only minimal fading. The pigmentation and texture leaves something to be desired. I like the idea of the versatility of this product but on this particular pot, the shade variations are rather subtle. I didn't find it amazing but just good enough to get the job done. At the price point, I would expect the formula to be better. Nonetheless, the color scheme and packaging is nice and I would still get some uses out of it.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $22.00

Here's how Acoustic looks on my eye. If you didn't get a chance to see the full face makeup, you can view it HERE.


  1. wow the colors are well pigmented! and I adore the colors because reminds me a camuflage trend hahha anyway..

    1. Yeah I like how they pressed the colors. It's very aesthetic for the eyes.

  2. The darker colour seems amazing but it's a shame the other two are so pigmented.

    1. yeah, I had to dig a little more for the other colors but it worked eventually.

  3. Great post! I would never have considered this product till I saw it here.
    Thank you

  4. These colours are really pretty swatched separately. It's a shame a couple of them don't have much pigmentation! You've managed to make them work nicely on your eyes, though. Probably not a product I'd like to spend the money on, unfortunately. But really good review! x

    1. Yes, the pigmentation was a bit lacking but doable. Had it been more pigmented, I probably would've purchased more.

  5. I honestly didn't think the shades would be that pretty swatched and on the eyes in the pot! I love the rusty, brown, warm easy to wear quality of this! Great eye look, the warm accent is just fab.

  6. I think it turned out way nicer on the eyes than on the swatches, which kinda surprised me.


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