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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil Cucumber - Swatch and Review

Happy Hump day!

I cannot believe that the month of June is almost over. I have nothing planned for the summer and I better think of something to do before it's gone. I have over 100 hours of vacation I need to put to use. Thinking about it just makes me realize how I'm always working and hardly ever take some time off. I don't know if I'm just getting old or what. I just don't know how to have fun anymore. I told my kids to go figure what they want me to do with them for the summer cause I'm too pooped after work to plan a vacation, lol. How are you spending your summer?

I've been into bright colors lately. Therefore, I have a bright colored pencil review for you today...

  • Jumbo pencil that requires sharpening. I definitely prefer my cream eyeshadow in a pencil form. It's very convenient and practical. It can also act line a liner. 
  • .18 oz or 5 g
  • My previous jumbo eye pencils all have cracked caps so I wish NYX would reinforce the caps cause they break so easily.

  • Cucumber is a bright chartreuse cream color with a fairly good pigmentation. It's a great base to add a little more punch to a similar eyeshadow color.
  • It feels creamy and applied very smoothly without pulling or tugging. It was also very easy to blend and allows you plenty of play time for that.
  • NYX jumbo eye pencils work best as eyeshadow base and with the use of a good primer. Otherwise on their own they don't work very well and are prone to creasing and fading. 

Final Thought

Great as a base to bring out the color and intensity of your eyeshadows but not so great on its own as it can crease and fade easily. One thing I love about these jumbo pencils is that they come in so many colors. I really wish NYX would reformulate them for better wear cause if they did, oh boy! They could potentially blow other brands out of the water but I wonder why they haven't tried.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $3.50-$5.00
Availability: Ulta, Cherry Culture

Do you have a favorite NYX Jumbo Eye pencil?


  1. I love the color! I agree if the formula was less "creasy" it would be completely amazing!

    1. Right? They have so many colors. If the formula was just a little better, I would buy them all! hehehe

  2. Very cute and fun color! Though the color looks like an avocado shake. :)))

  3. Pretty shade! I love my milk one

    1. I love Milk too. It's so handy dandy, especially for bright colors.

  4. Pretty color! I love green eye pencils in all shades. I do wish they'd reformulate though, I want to wear the pencils at full opacity, not blended out as a base. :( They just crease like crazy on me!


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