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Friday, June 28, 2013

Sephora + Pantone Universe Astral Lip Glaze Set - Swatch and Review

Yay Friday! I've been wearing these almost all week. Wanted to get this review out as soon as possible and what better way to end the week with a review on these new Astral Lip Glaze from Sephora + Pantone Universe...Excited?

  • Rectangular tubes
  • Doe foot applicator
  • .22 oz or 6.5 mL in each tube

  • The first thing I noticed is the thickness of the gloss. The good thing is, they apply smoothly. I don't know I'm not really loving the texture. It does feel heavy on the lips.
  • The glosses are also pretty pigmented and have a sweet coconutty smell. Personally, I don't love it but I don't mind it either. 
  • It feels kinda sticky but not that sticky. 
  • If you look closely, they have a bit of that holographic shimmer in them but you won't really notice that from afar. 
  • What's interesting about these lip glaze it how they look when worn. They give my lips more dimension and a fuller appearance. The nuance in the colors are subtle but quite noticeable under bright light. I don't have any lippies with this kind of finish so I'm actually really thrilled about the unique formula.
  • They are very shiny and some of them look pretty frosty but for some reason they still look good. I usually don't like lip colors that are too frosty but I like these and probably not everyone will. They're  more for those who don't mind flashy lips. 
  • They can get on your teeth so make sure you check yourself. 
  • They last well without eating and up to 4 hours even with occasional drinking. They do fade a lot after a meal so you would need to reapply after you're done eating. 
  • I found them somewhat hydrating. 

Brandied Melon. The color reminds me of a cantaloupe. I was afraid this shade might look too light and weird on me but I'm glad it didn't. It's a light orange color with green shimmers in it. I don't know if you can tell from the picture. Pretty unique shade. I don't have anything like it on my stash but it's a shade most people probably won't like.

Mauvewood is undeniably mauvy but with more red undertone to it and also has green shimmers.

Chrysanthemum is pinker and brighter than Mauvewood. Also this shade is frosty looking but in bright light, the green shimmers really come out and looks quite duochromey. I know you can't really see in these pictures but in real life it is. I wore it the other day to work and didn't see the duochrome effect until I went out to lunch. It was bright outside and I took a look at my lips in the car visor to see how the color was holding up and didn't realize until then how much duochrome potential this lippie had.

Arabesque...Now this one is a true duochrome. I can see it in any light. The color shift is very strong and noticeable. I wasn't expecting that because it did not look duochromy in the tube so this was a pleasant surprise. Can you imagine how ecstatic I was? LOL...My first REAL duochrome lippie! Had to take another shot of it so you can see what I mean. It's the only gloss from the pack that does not have green shimmers. The color shifts from bronze to pink. Think of it as Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Lava for your lips.

Final Thought

I love the colors and the way they look on my lips. The holographic effect is very subtle but these also have an interesting duochrome effect to them as well. They are very shiny and frosty looking but they look good and make lips look fuller. The only thing I didn't like was the thick, heavy, and bit tacky texture but overall quite unique lip colors.

Rating: 9/10

Price: $24.00 for the set of 4
Avalability: Sephora


  1. I love all of these except Brandied Melon (I don't think it would look good on me). It looks fabulous on you though!

    1. Btw, your eyebrows look flawless! Any tips on how you get them to look so good?

  2. I think it might be a good time for me to try these lippies out now that they're on sale for $13 at Sephora. That way if they don't work well with my dark brown skin, it won't be too much of a loss.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Yes! I wished I had waited. I could have saved a few bucks.


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