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Monday, June 10, 2013

Secret Outlast Completely Clean Clear Gel Deodorant Review

I've been a long time user of Secret deodorant. I find that they do work well in keeping me fresh and free of arm pit odor, lol. Let's be honest, arm pit odor has got to be one of the most offensive smell you would be unfortunate enough to come across. You know it could be a fellow shopper walking next to you or the person on the bus sitting next to you, a new date you're meeting up with, or someone you already know. Body odor, especially the offensive ones, really don't make a good first impression. I've met my share but let's not go into the detail, shall we?

Instead, my purpose here is to give you my review of the Secret Outlast, which I received from Influenster in my Spring VoxBox for review and testing.

  • Semi transparent plastic packaging with a twist up mechanism at the bottom to dispense the product. It's pretty simple and practical for what it is.

  • The gel is clear and goes on clear. The great benefit of a clear gel is that you won't get any visible residue on your clothes. 
  • I got the Completely Clean scent, which is a generic fresh scent. I wouldn't say it's the best fresh scent I've ever smelled but it smells ok. 
  • I typically use the regular Secret deodorant so it was cool that I got to try the Outlast version, supposedly working up to 48 hours. So you're probably thinking what I'm thinking? Does it work better or longer? Can't say for sure, if anything it works just as well as the regular version as far as I can tell. 
  • It helps control sweat and odor. What more can I ask for? 

Final Thought

It's a good deodorant. Clear mess free gel that helps control odor and perspiration. I don't know for sure if the formula is more potent but even the regular formula worked well for me. Oh yeah, and I was saying definitely do use a good deodorant if you don't want to leave a bad first impression.

Rating: 9/10

Which deodorant do you use? Do you feel self conscious when you forget to use deodorant?


  1. I use whatever deodorant is on sale when I need a new one - I just used the Degree "body activated" kind and I felt like I could smell it a lot - I mean I don't want to smell bad, but I don't think I sweat enough to warrant smelling strongly of deodorant. Now I'm using one by BAN and it sucks, I feel like I smell bad from walking down the street. I always worry that I smell because I have a poor sense of smell and I worry I won't know.

    1. This deodorant smells pretty strong too when first applied but after an hour or so, the scent isn't so obvious. Deodorant is something I usually stick with for a long time if it works for me until I feel like trying something new.

  2. I have used Secret from time to time, but my main and favorite deodorant is Lady Speed Stick in Powder Fresh (in fact, if I purchase any other deodorant it has to be Powder Fresh). I've been using Lady Speed Stick for a really long time and don't really see myself changing holds and I like the smell (it is not overpowering). Very rarely do I ever forget to use deodorant, but if I did I would feel terribly self-conscious.

    1. I haven't tried Lady Speed stick yet. The other other one I have is Dove Clear Tone and I like that one too


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