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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

OPI Swatches - Honey Ryder and Happy Anniversary

Hello Beautifuls,

I apologize for the short hiatus. I've been pretty busy the past few days preparing for a graduation party, attending my son's high school graduation, and recuperating from all the work. Wow I almost don't want to believe it but where did the years go? I've just uploaded the graduation pictures unto my computer so perhaps I'll have them up on my Photo Blog later tonight if I can work on them quick enough.

I stopped by the nail supply store about a week ago to see if they had anything new and well they didn't have much but they did have more liquid sand nail polishes. Most of them didn't appeal to me much but I managed to come home with two polishes.

Honey Ryder is a light pale gold. It's definitely more sparkly in person. I don't know why the camera can't capture that. Application was pretty easy and you could get away with just one coat if you wanted to but I did two coats for good measure. Dry time was also super quick.

Happy Anniversary is a sheer very shimmery white polish. I think if I did a French mani and added one coat of Happy Anniversary on top, it would look very pretty. I did 3 coats on the swatches. Formula is thin and runny but it was pretty easy to work with.


  1. Honey Ryder is really pretty, and happy anniversary is definitely a French mani topper :). Congratulations to your son and to you for raising him!

    1. Thank you. It's weird to see my kids grow up so fast. In their younger years, I couldn't wait until they become independent and now I'm not even ready for it, lol.

  2. Congrats to the graduate! What a milestone!

    Honey Ryder is pretty. I was really hoping it would be included in the OPI Bond Girls mini set, but alas, no such luck. I didn't really want to splash out for the full size bottles since I wasn't sure if I'd like the texture or not.

    1. I was fortunate I bought it from the nail supply store so it was $5.50 for me. I actually like it.


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