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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cotton Candy Makeup Look and Tutorial

Hello Lovelies,

Finally, I have a makeup look and tutorial for yall. Didn't quite turned out like how I envisioned. In my mind it was lighter so perhaps I went just a little heavier on the color or application. However, I love it and it shows up well in photographs. It's colorful but it looks dreamy and soft. Worth a shot if you want colors but don't want a bold look.

Product Used





1. Apply Urban Decay primer
2. I started with the purple shade on the Fauna palette and applied and blend to the crease
3. I used Color Tattoo Blue Paradise all over the lid, keeping it below the crease color
4. I applied the light minty shade from the Too Faced palette to the inner corner of my eyes
5. I applied MAC Birds & Berries on the outer V
6. I used my finger and dab a little touch of the icy blue color from the Too Faced palette to the center of my lid.
7. I used the pink eyeshadow from the Too Faced palette and applied and blend it into the brow bone.
8. I tight-lined with Sephora Waterproof Khol and Liner Keep Blue and over it, I created a winged liner with MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner Signature Blue
9. I applied on the waterline Flower Long-Wear Eyeliner Aubergine
10. On the lower lash line, I applied Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Stick Gossip Green in the inner corner and Milani Shadow Eyez Royal Purple on the outer.
11. I filled my brows with NYX Skinny Brown Liner
12. I added false lashes to complete the eye look
13. Make sure everything is blended well and touch up where needed.
14. Apply blush and bronzer
15. Apply lipstick

Hope you like it. I have another colorful and summery look in mind. Hopefully, I can work on it soon.


  1. Hi the eye transformation was like magic! Can you post a tutorial on doing your brows? Also i have uneven eyelids the other one is bigger than the other do you have any tips or tutorials for that?

    1. Hi there! I have done an eyebrow tutorial a little while back. Not much has changed in how I do my brows since but in honesty, I keep it simple and just fill along the line of my natural brows. My eyebrows are sparse so they are pretty low maintenance.
      Here's the linky

      As far as uneven eyelids, I've never had to deal with that but there are a few tutorials and tips out there. I thought I would give you a couple suggestions...

  2. Amazing color combination and I love your tutorial, so helpful!
    Thanks! (:

  3. Love the tutorial and the final picture! I love colorful eyes and these are some of my favorites!

    1. Same goes for me. I love colorful eye looks. They're more fun :D

  4. Absolutely loving the fun mix of cotton candy colors!! I've been having plenty of fun with colorful looks too but have yet to post many of them! However due to the heat I told myself I'm just going to be sticking to more neutrals this summer!

    1. Thank you. I wear neutrals on most days but if I feel like having fun I definitely want something more colorful.

  5. Beautiful eye look! You work magic with those shadows and brushes! Great tutorial!

    1. Thank you. I need to set a goal to do these more regularly so I can keep myself inspired too.

  6. I love these colours together!! You've done this so beautifully, great tutorial!

    1. Thank you. I need to do makeup looks more regularly.

  7. Great fun look~ thanks for sharing the tutorial~


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